Awareness for Dengue


A special drive for prevention of dengue was carried out by Malaria wing of Health department, Chandigarh under the direct supervision of Dr Suman, Director Health Services in Kacchi Colony,  Dhanas.  Health officials inspected the houses for any mosquito breeding in coolers, fridge trays, pots, overhead tanks, tyres, containers. Special focus has been directed towards urban slums and thickly populated areas which are vulnerable for breeding of mosquitoes.

Awareness for dengue was spread by announcements on mega phones, distributing pamphlets and other IEC activities. Emphasis was laid on Community participation which is an important aspect of dengue prevention. People were educated to keep their surroundings clean and prevent water stagnation.

Details of field activities undertaken in Kacchi colony, Dhanas on 12-10-21

 1. Total no. of houses checked: 139

 2. Number of coolers checked: 37

     Found with mosquito larvae: 02

 3. Number of containers checked:  289

     Found with mosquito larvae:  02

 4. Number of OHT checked:  21

     Found uncovered: 02

     Found with mosquito larvae: 0

 5. Number of tyres checked:  08

     Found with mosquito larvae:  0

 6. No. of notices issued for mosquitogenic conditions/ breeding: -   14

 7. No. of House sprayed with Insecticides: 06

 8. Anti-larval work done in breeding points: 10