POSHAN Maah 2021

POSHAN Maah 2021


Chandigarh.13th September,2021: POSHAN Abhiyaan is a visionary programme with the primary aim of bringing awareness on the issue of nutrition and providing immediate help to the malnourished children of the country. POSHAN Maah 2021 is being celebrated in Chandigarh considering the importance of nutrition during various stages of the life cycle. The thirteenth day of Rashtriya Poshan Maah 2021 was celebrated throughout Chandigarh with the aim of impacting the lives of the targeted CT population through promoting awareness and advocacy by conducting various activities.


A event was conducted at Mauli Colony, where the Best AYUSH Practices for Healthy Life were performed and promoted for the beneficiaries present. The Anganwadi workers and the other officials have become an essential part of the activities of the Rashtriya Poshan Maah 2021. The initiatives undertaken by them have highly promoted and popularised the movement throughout the city.

A Youth Group Meeting to raise awareness about Yoga was organised at RC Dhanas II. A Rhyme Competition to promote the incorporation of YOGA & AYUSH in our daily life was organised at Manimajra Town. This was followed by a Lecture on Healthy Lifestyle at KhudaLahora at 11:30 A.M.

Other activities included lectures on various essential topics like Importance of Healthy & Complementary Food, Awareness on Diarrhoea Management, Awareness on Personal Hygiene, Awareness about Right Age of Marriage, Lecture on Anaemia and Benefits of Yoga. These lectures were conducted with the help of Anganwadi workers in various areas of the city.

A Height and Weight Measurement Drive for Children was also organised along with Home Visits to counsel adolescent boys regarding drug use and addiction. It was followed by a Hand Wash demonstration and Hand Wash activity.

Later in the day, an Awareness campaign on Poshan Ke Panch Sutra was conducted. The day’s activities ended with a lecture on the Importance of COVID-19 Vaccination and the Importance of a Healthy Diet for Nursing Mothers.