Communication - Press Notes

The release of Press note containing various plans and policies of Administration, is an important task of Public Relations Department for dissemination of information to all concerned. The Department basically deals with the print and electronic media.

The primary function of the Department is to issue press notes, arrange press conferences, conduct press parties to important functions of VIP’s and maintain liaison with newsmen accredited with Chandigarh Administration and also with the desk.


Branch deals with matters relating to establishment matters such as appointments, promotions, probation, confirmation, reversions, postings and transfers, retirement, premature retirement, disciplinary cases, suspensions, dismissals, removal or compulsory retirement, seniority, level matters, property returns, ACRs, complaints of all Officials/Employees/Trainees,etc

The purpose of advertisements is to inform, guide, advise and educate the people. Thorough media planning is needed before releasing the advertisement, so that it reaches the targeted group. To achieve this object the Department is guided by the circulation figures and DAVP rates. It also ensures that the advertisement appears at appropriate point of time.

Technical Assistance
Public Address System and audio and visual equipments are important tools of Public Relations and their proper maintenance and development coupled with good workers add efficiency to its working.

The Department provides Public Address System at various functions of the Administration. Some special shows are organized on special occasions.

News Clipping
It is very important to keep a close watch on the news that appears in the Press as that has a direct or indirect bearing on the interest of Administration. A senior officer of the department, has been assigned the task of keeping a close watch on news items appearing in newspapers on day to day basis. It also act as feedback mechanism for the Administration.

Photo Section
The Department believes "One photograph is worth 1000 words. They have no language barriers". The Photo section aims to create goodwill and understanding and projects the right image of the Administration. Its main assignment is to provide photographic coverage of functions, to preserve negatives of the films and provide photographs to various publications as and when desired by them.