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Whereas it has been made to appear to me that terrorist attacks in county pose grave danger to human life and safety and injury to public property besides breech of peace and disturbance of public tranquillity.

And whereas, it has been noticed that terrorists mis-use uniform/stickers/logos/flags and any other item belonging to Army/Police para Military Forces, for committing the acts of terror. Under these circumstances, the undersigned is of the opinion that some check should be put on sale of items belonging to these Government forces so that some check should be put on sale of its belonging to these Government forces so that anti-social elements in the guise of Army/Police/Para Military personnel may not pose a threat to citizens and immediate action is necessary for prevention of the same.

Now therefore, I, K.K. Yadav, I.A.S., District  Magistrate, U.T., Chandigarh in exercise of the power vested with me under section 144 Cr. P.C. do hereby order as on emergency measure that any shopkeeper/seller with in the territory of Chandigarh, shall not sell any cloth/niform/sticker/logo/flag attached on cars of and any other items belonging to Army/Police/Para Military Forces without keeping the record and I.D. proofs to the purchasers.

In view of the emergent nature of the order, it is being issued ex-parte and is addressed to the public in general. Any breach of this order would invite action under section 188 of the Indian Penal Code.

This order shall come into force from zero hour o 18.09.2020 and shall be effective for a period of 60 days up to and including 16.11.2020.

Deputy Commissioner's Office