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Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Abhiyan in 11 centres

Chandigarh.9 June,2020:UT Chandigarh has carried out Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Abhiyan (PMSMA) in 11 centres i.e. CH 22, SDH Manimajra, CH 45, HWC DaduMajra, Kajheri, PHD 25, HWC Sarangpur, EWS Dhanas, HWC Ramdarbar, HWC CITCO and UPHC Mauli Jagran.

This activity was stalled for the last two months on instructions by GOI in view of COVID.

This Abhiyan is held on 9th of every month for screening all Pregnant Women of 2nd and 3rd trimester and those Pregnant Women who were missed out. Screening of high risk pregnancy is done by MOs/Obstetricians.

Antenatal check up, BP and weight monitoring, essential testing such as Blood sugar, Haemoglobin, VDRL,blood grouping and USG are done on the same day.

Counselling on ANC , identification of High risk cases, diet, hygiene, importance of exercise is done for all pregnant women.

All High risk cases are followed up on regular basis till the lady has delivered safely.

In the abhiyan today:

1. No. Of Pregnant Women examined-713

2. No. Of Pregnant Women who were left out i.e did not receive ANC in 1st trimester but reported in PMSMA- 21

3. No of Pregnant Women received ANC by OBG- 434

4. No of USGs done for Pregnant Women - 68

5. No of high risk Pregnant Women identified- 147

     a. Severe anaemia- 4

     b. Pregnant Women induced     hypertension- 3

     c. Gest Diabetes Mellitus- 15

     d. Bad obstetric history- 59

      e. previous LSCS- 26

       f. Hypothyroidism- 39

       g. TB- 1

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