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Launches ‘CVD Tracker’ App to Track Home Quarantined People


Chandigarh Administration Launches ‘CVD Tracker’ App to Track Home Quarantined People

11th April 2020

Chandigarh Administration has launched CVD Tracker App (Android) to monitor people placed under quarantine, using geofencing technology that creates a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographical area.  This app is being implemented by the Department of Information Technology, the Quarantine team of Municipal Corporation, Police Department, in association with Webcom Systems Pvt. Ltd. 

The App can be downloaded from Play store or using the link http://uen.io/6v4y. The mobile application has been developed to identify and geo-fence specific area around people placed under quarantined. It would be mandatory for the people under quarantine to download the app on their mobile phones. Every quarantined user will be fenced within 50-metre radius of his place of quarantine and the quarantined user would have to upload a selfie every hour. The system will match their quarantined location and the location from where they uploaded the selfie.

“Number of quarantined people may increase in the future and this App will make it easier for the health and police department to track the quarantined users through their GPS location. Any lapse or un-authorized movement will be immediately alerted to both the respective SDM, the police as well as the person concerned. Strict action will be taken against the violators.” said Nazuk Kumar IAS, SDM Central and Director, Department of Information Technology, Chandigarh.  

If any quarantined user breaches the geo-fence, he/she will get a warning message and the administration will get an alert in the control room that user has jumped the geo-fence. Strict action in the form of FIR under relevant provisions of law will be taken against the violators. The administration’s control room will be alerted even in case phone is turned off and penal action will be taken against the user. A 24x7 control room with a dedicated team is set up to monitor the quarantined persons.  

Further, Anil Kumar Garg, Additional Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh who is in-charge of Contact Tracing & Quarantine Teams formed by Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh, said the general public will also be able to login to this application and see all the “Red Zones and Quarantine or Suspected Areas” and if any person reaches near to or enters that area, an alert/notification in the shape of Beep/Siren will appear on their mobile. He further added that this will help a lot to general public as a preventive major.

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