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29 MARCH 2020


It is brought out for the information of all that in wake of COVID-19 Pandemic, the wholesaler, retailers, shopkeepers are advised to maintain hygiene at work place and take following measures:

1.    To maintain Social Distancing.  Prepare marked circles/squares in such a way that a minimum of 1 meter distance is maintained between any 2 customers.

2.    Sanitize every customer by way of hand sanitizer before entering the shop and on exiting the shop.

3.    Avoid over-crowding.  Limit the number of shoppers.  This can be done by letting customers into the store progressively.

4.    Put at least one person on duty for ensuring social distance.

5.    You shall keep a hand sanitizer in place for sanitizing each customer.

6.    Provide a Mask, Hand Wash and Sanitizer to the staffers and work force.

7.    To ensure hand washing protocol and proper cleanliness of frequently touched surfaces.

8.    Hygiene and physical distancing has to be maintained.  Shaking hands and hugging as a matter of greeting is to be avoided.

9.    Encourage Home Delivery, e-payment.

Together we can and we will overcome this COVID-19 Pandemic. We seek your cooperation in adopting these measures. Punitive action will be taken against those who do not comply with the above.

Public Relations & Cultural Affairs