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Chandigarh, 16th May 2020: National Dengue Day is observed with the recommendation of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India, every year to create awareness about Dengue and to intensify preventive measures and preparedness for the control of disease in the country before transmission season starts. The theme of National Dengue Day 2020 is “Effective Community Engagement:- Key to Dengue Control”. Dengue is a deadly viral disease caused by Dengue Virus (DENV, 1-4 serotypes) which is transmitted by bite of Aedes aegypti infected with any one of the four Dengue Viruses.


The Malaria Wing of Health Department, UT-Chandigarh today organized National Dengue Day as per directions and under the leadership of Director Health & Family Welfare, Chandigarh Administration. The department organized various Information–Education–Communication (IEC) activities in UT Chandigarh providing special opportunity to emphasis on transmission, prevention and create community awareness towards the alarming public health concern. In view of the COVID-19 spread, the guidelines of social distancing were observed during all the activities for the observation of National Dengue Day 2020.

The following activities were carried out to mark National Dengue Day;

1. Pledge for prevention and control of Dengue: A pledge was administered to the Staff of NVBDCP & IDSP under the supervision of Assistant Director Malaria for prevention & Control of Dengue at Headquarter, Sector-17, and Chandigarh. The Pledge was also undertaken at various Public Health institutions where SMO’s/ MO’s, Paramedical staff and patients participated.

Malaria Staff of all units, Staff of National Health Mission, staff of O/o District Welfare Family Office, Staff of all National Programmes under NHM took pledge to work towards prevention & Control of Dengue.

2. Health Talks: Awareness health talks regarding Dengue and other vector borne diseases were given by the SMOs/MOs at all UT-dispensaries/ hospitals on National Dengue Day. 

3. Public Awareness Campaign: Various activities regarding public awareness campaign were organized by the Malaria workers where they visited various residential localities for creating awareness through public announcements through megaphone and distribution of IEC material.

4. Field Surveillance: As a special campaign during observation of National Dengue Day 2020, common breeding points were checked by the malaria staff. In view of existing threat of COVID19, the Malaria staff took special care and prevention as per guidelines and they undertaken the field surveillance by checking the breeding points situated outside the household units and at open spaces/areas such as bird feedings pots, flower pots, fountains, abundant tyres, desert coolers etc.

5. Vector Control Activities: Anti Mosquito Fogging & Spraying was done at vulnerable locations.


On this occasion, a special advisory was issued for the residents of UT, Chandigarh in public interest by Health Department Chandigarh Administration on Do’s and Don’ts regarding prevention of Dengue. Also, a short documentary was prepared and shared on the eve of National Dengue Day on social media.

Health Department