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NetProFaN   workshop organized by the Department of Food Safety and Standards

NetProFaN   workshop organized by the Department of Food Safety and Standards

Chandigarh.26th Chandigarh,2020: The Chandigarh Chapter of NetProFaN has been launched in a workshop organized by the Department of Food Safety and Standards, at GMSH-16, Chandigarh under the Chairmanship of the Director Health & Family Welfare, U.T. Chandigarh Dr. G. Dewan,. The workshop was attended by the member of various association like Indian Medical Association (IMA), Indian Dietetic Association (IDA), Nutrition Society of India (NSI), Indian Federation of Culinary Association (IFCA), Association of Food Scientists and Technologists India(AFSTI), Directorate of School and College Education, Institute of Chandigarh Hotel Management, Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Hotel Management andAssociation of Analytical Communities (AOAC). In the workshop emphasis was laid on the joint action plan under NetProFaN Chandigarh Chapter to support various flagship programmes of the Government of India on food and nutrition such as Eat Right India Movement, to engage academic, research and higher education institutions to build capacity, to engage with food businesses to ensure availability of safe and healthy food and to create demand of safe and healthy food by bringing about social and behavioral change in people. Director Health & Family Welfare, U.T.

Under the FSSAI initiative CLEAN STREET FOOD HUB the Department of Food Safety & Standards, U.T. Chandigarh conducted training programmes, inspections, gap analysis study and guided the Sector-8B Inner market food outlets to removegaps observed during gap analysis survey and finally alongwith third party auditor appointed by FSSAI, GOI audited the Sector-8B, Inner Market on the set parameter as defined by FSSAI. The report released by FSSAI shows full compliance by the food outlets and the said market got Certificate as first CLEAN STREET FOOD HUB of U.T. Chandigarh. Ontoday’s occasion, Dr. G. Dewan, Director Health & Family Welfare also honored by presenting Certificate of CLEAN STREET FOOD HUB to the market association of Inner Market of Sector-8B, Chandigarh. The member of the NetProFaN Chandigarh Chapter congratulates the Sector-8B, inner market association for setting up an example about the best practices towards availability of safe and hygienic food.


The prevalence of micronutrient deficiencies, primarily anemia, both among children and women is high. Further, the last two decades have seen the emergence of over nutrition (overweight and obesity) and rise in the prevalence of non-communicable diseases like diabetes, heart disease, hypertension etc. Food Safety is another area of concern, which needs appropriate attention to tackle the growing levels of food borne illnesses. All these nutritional concerns are interlinked and requires strategies to educate citizens on importance of safe food and good nutrition for healthy living. Various organizations and associations are currently working independently with their vision and objective in the field of food and nutrition. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India has created a plate-form Network of Professionals of Food and Nutrition (NetProFan) to pool the synergy and strength of all these organizations to contribute to national efforts to improve the status of food safety and nutrition. As a common platform for all professionals in the field of food and nutrition with a common goal to promote public health, NetProFaN gives the opportunity to synergize our efforts to create a robust ecosystem of safe and healthy food in the country. Chandigarh has given approval to the Steering Committee constituted under the NetProFaN Chandigarh Chapter and gave directions to prepare activity calendar in timeframe manner, so that awareness among general public, academic institutions, school children’s, food industry about safe and nutritious food can be delivered at large.

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