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In supersession of Chandigarh Administration, Home Department notifications No. 7053-HIII(7)-2008/15889, dated 11.8.2008, No 1349-H-III(7)- 2009/3597, dated 24.02.2009 and No. 2/3/57-H-III(7)-2012/22696, dated 03.12.2012 and in exercise of the powers conferred by Section 115 of the Motor Vehicle Act 1988 (No. 59 of 19880, the Administrator, Union Territory, Chandigarh is pleased to specify the following restrictions for plying of heavy vehicles like trucks, Private Buses (Non-Stage Carriage) and tractor trolleys carrying non-agriculture products on the roads in the Union Territory, as per details given below, which is necessary in the interest of public safety, convenience and better traffic management. The aforesaid restriction convenience and better traffic management. The aforesaid restriction would be implemented from 01.02.2020:-

Sr. No.

Restriction Timings

Description roads


6.00 A.M. to 11.0 P.M

All roads (V-2, V-3, V-4, V-5, V-6) within Sector 1 to Sector 56, that is, area  bound by Uttar Marg and Chandigarh/Mohali Border.


To facilitate the movement of the inter-state heavy traffic through the city, the above restriction will not be applicable on the following orads:-

  1. Entire Vikas Marg from junction 54 to junction 63.
  2. Entry Purv Marg from In 63 on Vikas Marg to Transport Chowk (Jn.43) on Madha Marg to grain Market via V-4 road in front of Police Lines, Sector 26, Chandigarh.
  3. From   Khuda Lahora Side upto Sarangpur entry Point and then right turn to Jn. 30 and them to Jn 45 & 55.
  4. From Ropar road entering in Chandigarh to Junction 54 (Zirimandi Chowk)
  5. Road coming from Sector 61/62 Mohali towards Junction 59 (Mataur Chowk)

The road coming from International Airport, Mohali towards to Junction 63 (Faidan Barrier)


8.30 AM to 10.30 AM 5.00 PM to 8.00 PM

i.        To and from Zirakpur Barrier to Tribune   Chowk.



ii.       To and from Transport Light Point to Fun Republic Light Point.

iii.      To and from Transport Light Point to Tribune      Chowk.

iv.      To and from Tribune Chowk to Faida Barrier       Light Point.

V.       To and from Khuda Lahora Side to Jn. 30          (Sector 25/38 light point) to till Jn 55 (Sector           39/40/55/56 Chowk)



The aforesaid restriction shall not be applicable to the vehicles used for emergency services, like School buses carrying children to and from schools, police, Para Military Forces, Civil Vehicles hired by the Military authorities for carrying CSD store, subject to the condition that the civil trucks will display plates on the front windscreen mentioning “On Army Duty for CSD Stores” and they will also inform the truck numbers to the traffic helpline on toll free number 1073 and MHC/traffic number 2641542 in advance, fire Services, Hospitals, Public Health, M.C.C/Estate Officers/UT Administration and PWD, Electricity Department of Union Territory, Chandigarh. The Senior Superintendent of of Police (Traffic), all the Sub Divisional Magistrates, Union Territory Chandigarh shall have the authority to accord permission to ply any vehicles during the restricted hours to meet any emergent & special need and for house-hold goods. Such permission shall in the form of an order to be issued under their signatures and seal containing registration number of vehicles, date and period of the permission which shall not exceed more than 02 hours. A copy of any such order passed shall be sent to Secretary, State Transport Authority, U.T., Chandigarh for information.



Transport Department