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Penalty Scheme allowing time to remove violations in CHB Flats


Penalty Scheme allowing time to remove violations in CHB Flats


Chandigarh, 29th July 2019: Certain need based changes for dwelling units of Chandigarh Housing Board were recently permitted. The allottees/occupants were required to get their violations regularized in terms of given relaxation and remove all other violations which are not covered under this policy. However most of the allottee/occupants could not complete this exercise and they require some more time to make changes in their dwelling units.

Now it has been decided that the additional constructions in the dwelling units of Chandigarh Housing Board are given temporary exemption from immediate demolition upto 31.12.2020, subject to payment of penal charges. The penal charge are imposed in view of the fact that demolition of additional construction at a large scale may eventually be the only alternative, however the allottees may get some time to rectify these violations in conformity with the need based changes orders.


The allottees may self certify the area of additional constructions to work out the applicable fee/penal charges. They are advised to take the help of private engineers/architects for calculation of the area of additional construction, so as to avoid any discrepancy in the area self declared by them. In case of any complaint, the CHB may check the self declared area and take further action in the matter.

The above penalty scheme is subject to following:


a) It will be applicable only for the additions/alterations within the allotted area of all the dwelling units allotted by the Chandigarh Housing Board. Hence, encroachment on the government land will not be permitted to continue.


b) The allottee/occupant is required to remove all the violations on his/her risk and cost, at the earliest, within the period being permitted with the penalty. In case of non-removal of the violations, the allotment may be cancelled and possession of the dwelling unit may be resumed by following due process.


c) The allottee/occupant is required to submit a certificate of structural stability from a qualified empanelled Structural Engineer registered with the Chandigarh Administration in the interest of safety of the occupants and in the interest of public safety. During this period, the allottee/occupant himself/herself will be responsible for any loss/injury /public safety because of such violations.


d) The annual penalty charges to be levied on the additional area as per following rates.


The penalty charges, as per above, may be deposited in any branch of the HDFC Bank Ltd in the Chandigarh in A/c No/CMS Client Code No. CN51GHHUBQ. Customized deposit slips are available in all the branches.

In view of above, the ongoing actions against additional constructions/alterations are kept pending till 30.09.2019 and thereafter the action may resume against the remaining defaulters. However the allottees who do not deposit the penal charge on the basis of self certified area, may be issued notices of demolition/cancellation. Here it is clarified that actions against encroachment will continue as usual because the Penalty Scheme is not applicable on construction/projection on government land.

Allottees/occupants may visit website of the CHB www.chbonline.in  and download copy of the Orders, standard drawings and formats for applications/certificates.

Chandigarh Housing Board