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The Administrator, Union Territory, Chandigarh is pleased to amend the Industrial Policy, Union Territory, Chandigarh- 2015 as under:-

1.This policy shall be called ‘Industrial (Amendment) Policy– 2019.

2.This policy come into the force from the date of publication in the official gazette.

3. That in the Industrial Policy, UT, Chandigarh 2015, following amendments/substitutions shall be made in Chapter No. V, Clause No.5 which are reproduced as under:-

Clause 5.1 A. IT/ITES

            In addition to already allowed activities under Chapter V of the Industrial Policy, 2015, only booster station is allowed.

Clause 5.2 A shall be inserted after clause 5.2 which shall be read as under:-

In addition of Industrial warehousing already recommended, Warehousing facilities for General items, Industrial Goods, White goods, Medical/Surgical Goods only are allowed.

Clause 5.3 A. All types of authorized service centers related to industry are also allowed.

Clause 5.4 Additional Services shall be inserted as under:-

a. Engineering/Industrial/Structural Testing Labs are allowed.

b. Audio-Visual Recording Studios for Social Media are allowed for photo labs/film labs only.

c. Documentation Centres for Industrial Designing and Printing: Cad/Cam design workshop are allowed for pattern like drawing for Industries only. No photoshop is allowed.

d. Security Management services are allowed for backend services and equipment store only.

Clause 5.5 shall be inserted as under:-

Display of products by Manufacturers for items such as Furniture, Electrical Goods, Auto parts, Welding equipments and Apparels etc. As per architectural norms, some part of the front portion of the building already allowed for display as demonstration only of the product which is manufactured by its own.

Clause 5.6 shall be inserted as under:-

Base Kitchen for restaurants and Outdoor Caterers without opening up of Restaurants/Take away/online restaurants is allowed subject to observance of provisions of the Water (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act, 1974, the Air (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act, 1981 and the Hazardous Waste (Management & Handholding) Rules, 1989, Environmental Impact Assessment Notification, if applicable, and norms of the Chandigarh Pollution Control Committee.

It is reiterated again that all these additional activities which are now being allowed are for Business to Business (B to B) transactions only except 5.3 A and these additional activities will be allowed with a caveat that in case of any ambiguity, any activity entailing direct customer interface will not be allowed such as commercial activities viz. offices, shops, point of sales, hotels, hospitals, showrooms, educational institutions/university as were allowed by the Administration under the Conversion Policy-2005.

Additionally, the following directions for the construction of building in industrial sites measuring upto two kanal in Chandigarh are also issued keeping in view the modern day industrial requirements:

1. The usage of office-cum-display block shall be allowed to be interchanged with the workshop.

2. The cycle stand shall be allowed to be used for other purposes such as storage of raw material and others industry related functions.

3. Partial covering of central courtyard with polycarbonate sheet shall be allowed for storage only without adding any additional FAR.

The above mentioned changes (1,2&3) will be allowed without charging any fee for the purpose. This will however, be subject to the compliance of Building Rules and grant of Non Objection Certificate (NOC) by the Competent Authority in the Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh after the fire safety provisions are followed. The Architectural Control Sheets shall be deemed to have been amended to this effect and the building plans duly prepared and certified by Architect under Self Certification Scheme shall be submitted for consideration and approval of Plan Approval Committee.